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"The camera is a sketchbook, an instrument of intuition and spontaneity"

Henri Cartier Bresson


My Style

If I could visit my childhood for a day, I’d go back to our first house. It was an old house with wooden floorboards, high ceiling and stain glass windows. I’d run up and down the hallways with our puppy. I’d jump on the trampoline with my brother. I’d climb trees in the bathers and my family would walk down to the local markets for dinner. These are the memories I have from my family growing up. Whilst we have the odd photo here and there, most of these memories are just in my head. I'd love more photographs of these things. The ability to create beautiful photographs of your memories is one of the things that I love about photography.  


I’d like to help you capture photographs that tell your family stories. My style of photography is not about lots of posing or perfect photos, it’s about capturing the things that you want to look back on to remember the moment, feeling and experience at the time. I photograph with a combination of lifestyle and documentary style photography. What matters to me are subtle moments, connections and love. When I take photos, I’m looking for something natural and meaningful.


What memories do you wish you had photos of? I’d love to join you to help capture them!


About me

I am a self-taught photographer and I am always learning and growing with my passion for photography and would love to share that with you. In 2016 I decided to push myself further and began to study a Diploma of photography course. It's been amazing to keep developing my style and continue on this journey to be the best artist I can.


Alongside my photography, I work part time as a Speech Therapist in the disability sector. This has given me the chance to get to know lots of different families and really understand all the unique things that make their family amazing. My own family have also inspired my love of documentary photography. I am not yet a mum but a proud Aunty of 3 and it's in all the little things that they do where I see their personalities shine. 


I love to photograph families, couples, mums and dads to be and new bubs!