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Why Lifestyle/Documentary photography?

I was going through some old photo albums the other day. I flicked through lots of photos of my family standing in front of the camera giving a cheesy grin! Then I came across this photo and stopped. My parents weren’t photographers and it’s not an amazing photo by any means but something about this photo made me reminisce. I’m leaning against the front gate in our first house, a beautiful old home with wooden floorboards and stain glass windows. The sun has that beautiful afternoon warmth. I don’t look like I was posing, rather I’d say I was waiting. I was waiting to say hello to one of my favourite people, our neighbour over the road who was about 60 years old at that time. I would spend my days after school having a milo with her and playing with her three cats. I loved those times. This one photo takes me back to some of my favourite memories. I feel so many things when I look at it love, happiness, nostalgia (and I have to say, slightly sad that I could never pull off that fringe now!). If the idea of having photos that truly transport you to a moment in time speaks to you, then lifestyle/documentary photography might just be a good match. This style of photography allows you to capture the essence of your life, whether it be your everyday moments as a family, welcoming your new baby home, or perhaps your favourite things to do as a couple.

What is a lifestyle/documentary photoshoot like?

Here’s what you can expect from our photoshoot together.

My goal is to preserve this time in your life, people that matter, places that matter and the small things that make your world unique. Before your shoot I’ll be in touch to find about more about you. This helps me to plan for your session. Maybe your child has dimples just like their grandma, or curls to die for. Let’s capture the things that are important to you.

We’ll figure out the best location for your shoot. You might want to capture your memories at home, or perhaps there’s a place you go that is meaningful to you. We’ll also have a chat about some activities for your shoot. Maybe you love to bake, do you have a favourite game or are you getting a nursery ready for a new arrival? This is all a part of your story and memory making. 

On the day of your session I’ll meet you at your location. Sometimes people want a few posed photos, so we normally do those first. Then I’ll photograph you just as you are, doing what you love. It’s easy and natural. I’ll photograph as you go and give you a few ideas or tips along the way. 

These type of shoots give you images that you will want to look back on in years to come. These photos transport you to a feeling or moment that truly matters.  Our photoshoot is all about slowing down and recognizing the magic in your everyday moments.

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